Sunday, February 24, 2008

Visit in Israel

Marina, Joseph and Teresa

Floating in the Dead Sea
The salinity of the Dead Sea is so high that one can sit on the water.


Malgorzata said...

Dear Joseph, nice to see that you have some holidays at last :o)
Having so many pupils and teaching them must be exhausting...Not mentioning even your own research work and all these things that must be done at daily work and at home!
How do you like camel ride?

Greetings from Malgorzata (Poland)

Joseph Yu said...

Dear Malgorzata

I did not mount the camel as I thought I was too heavy for him. It was nice feeling to see camels in a desert.


Master Jodi Brunner said...

Dear Joseph,

On your return from the Holy Land, we can expect you will be even more enlightened...of course that will be difficult because you already are.

Have a wonderful time,


RICHGUY said...

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Maria Jerkunica said...

It fills my heart with joy to see you basking in the warm sun. You look so relaxed.
Kindest regards,