Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What is this?

Can you imagine what this is?

There is no need for Hu Xing He Xiang 呼形喝象. The image is simply too clear.


Yona Faust said...

This is amazing, such extravagance- not my cup of tea, I would still prefer any Best Western...
The question remains: do they have good Feng Shui?

Robertschmitzberlin said...

Dear Joseph,

this is a hotel disguised as Fuk, Luk and Sau, right? To bring prosperity, longevity and health to the owners and the guests.


Maria Jerkunica said...

this is a hotel dressed as Fuk, Luk and Sau. Where is this interesting hotel?

Joseph Yu said...

This hotel is called "Emperor Hotel" or "Son of Heaven Hotel". It is located in the outskirts of Beijing, about 30 km from the city.

The peach held in the hand of the Longevity Star is the president suite. It has only two tiny windows and all room have windows mostly blocked by the colorful clothes of the statues. It is bad from a Feng Shui point of view.

According to the management, the hotel has good business - on the average, it has 50% occupancy rate.


Simon said...

It reminds me a bit to the case when someone painted the whole hill to yellow (or red?) near his home to have better feng shui... I think a symbol should not be more important than the form.