Sunday, September 21, 2008

Close encounter with a bear

Wow! Exciting!


Carl Grover said...

That picture is fantastic. Moments like that make a vacation truly memorable. Be careful in Alaska, you may never want to leave. I've known several people who lived there and everyone loved it. A few even moved back.

All is well,

Carl Grover

Simon said...

Wow, those colors! The plants truly reflect that the Autumn is coming. :)

tanlang said...

I`m the Bear.
I`ve been wondering if my diction and verbal difficulties may be caused by the 7-5 since the 7 is the mouth and comunication although i never read anything about 7 causing diction problems?'.

Antje said...

Did you take the picture with zooming the bear out, 1:1 or zooming him in?


Joseph Yu said...

There is no zooming, in or out. The bear was about 15 meters away passing by.


Monica said...

Hi Joseph,
I lived in Alaska back when the 6:00 news was shown at 11:00 if the plane was on time from Seattle.
I loved the scenery, the animals, the amazing fishing...but the winters seem to drag on forever.
This is the perfect time to visit.
Lucky you!