Thursday, November 6, 2008

Zheng Shen vs Ling Shen (1)

There are confusing and contradicting teachings regarding the principle of Ling and Zheng 零正. Usually the period star according to San Yuan Jiu Yun 三元九運 is placed at the center of a nine square grid and allowed to "fly forward" to complete the Heaven chart. The location of the number 5 in the chart is considered the Ling Shen direction. The opposite direction is the Zheng Shen direction. However, Tan Yang Wu taught something different.

He said that if the number is odd, then it flies forward as odd is yang. If the number is even, then it flies backward as even is yin. This is according to the Yang forward Yin backward 陽順陰逆 principle. For example, in Period 8, this is the Heaven chart:

9 4 2
1 8 6
5 3 7

5 in the NE is Ling Shen and there should be the place for water. The opposite direction SW is the Zheng Shen direction and there should be mountain.

This is one of the interesting advocations. Stay tuned for more.



quahbkc said...

Hi Joseph,

The difference with regard to Ling Shen and Zhen Shen is about 天運 and 地運. 三元九運 is about 天運 while what Tan Yang Wu and XKDG taught is about 地運. 天運 always fly forward while 地運 fly according to the Yang forward Yin backward 陽順陰逆 principle.

Help this explains the differences.

Cyril Quah

Mellekai said...

Dear Master Yu,
that is a very interesting piece of information. It is intruiging because of inherent beauty and the use of the yin/yang theory.
I am looking forward to the next piece. With my best regards

Joseph Yu said...

Hi Cyril,

This is exactly the point. Tan Yang Wu, in his Golden Dragon Method 金龍法 (0ne of the six methods in his Xuan Kong Liu Fa 玄空六法 teaching), employs the method of flying the stars to arrive at the conclusion. However, this is confucing as Earth Qi distribution of the four yang gua Qian, Kan, Gen, Zhen as water locations 水一片 while the four yin gua Xun, Li, Kun, Dui as mountain 山一片 for the Lower Cycle 6, 7, 8 and 9 Yun and vice versa.

If he is talking about Heaven qi, then the star always flies forward. If he is talking about Earth qi, there is no need to fly the stars. Just use the rule for basic Earth qi of mountain and water locations.

Of course the Golden Dragon method explains how to locate the golden dragon but we must remember that Earth qi is the body (Ti 體) while Heaven qi is the application (Yong 用). In Feng Shui practices, both Ti and Yong must be well integrated.