Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tai Sui 太歲

Some students argue among themselves whether Tai Sui of the year covers 30 degrees or 15 degrees of the luopan.

Qing Nang Xu 青囊序 says:

先天羅經十二支 後天再用干與維

In the luopan, the Xian Tian divisions are the twelve branches.
In Hou Tian, the stems and the corner trigrams are also used.

This means that the Heavenly bodies occupy and define the twelve palaces along the yellow path. When it is mapped onto the earth, in addition to the twelve branches, the eight stems (Wu and Ji go to the center to become the Huang Ji 皇極) are added to assist the branches. Moreover, the four trigrams Qian, Gen, Xun and Kun are also added to make it up to 24 paths occupying 15 degrees each.

Xian Tian is the body while Hou Tian is the application. Fundamentally, Tai Sui covers 30 degrees but in Feng Shui practices, we use the branches of the 24 mountains to define the location of the Tai Sui. 7.5 degrees from each side of the branch will be occupied by assisting forces of the Tai Sui.



Teresa Hwang Feng Shui & Design said...

Dear Master Yu,

Thank you for the clarification in terms of Body & Application.

Best regards,

Teresa Min Yee

Mary Catherine Bax said...

Dear Joseph,

Your explanation comes like poetry...

"This means that the Heavenly bodies occupy and define the twelve palaces along the yellow path."

Is this path the yellow brick road?

I must admit when attending seminars, it is much like Dorothy and her friends looking for wizard to take away our life's challenges, bring us prosperity and live happily ever after.

Just like in the story, you don't give us the answers. You give us the tools to figure it out for ourselves, to find the power hidden within us.

And when we eventually tap into the power of space and time, we can breathe 'there is no place like home.'


Joseph Yu said...

Dear Mary,

The Yellow Path is the eccliptic along which the Sun travels when our Earth is taken as the reference center.

Date selection is to find an auspicious day when the Sun is at a certain point on the Yellow Path 黃道吉日.