Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Report

In this series of articles, I will provide some first hand information about the case to clarify something disclosed by the press.

This first article is the introductory paragraph of my report:

1. The profession of Fung Shui is not regulated. Usually we classify Fung Shui consultants under the categories (1) scholarly researchers and (2) professional consultants. The former is also known as the Academic School (Xue Yuan Pai 學院派) while the latter as the Commercial School (Jiang Hu Pai 江湖派). The Chinese term for the latter carries a negative meaning as most of the commercial practitioners only know the how but not necessarily the why regarding to their practices. The scholars, on the other hand, may know the theory quite well but often lack practical experience.

2. I started studying and researching into the theoretical background of Fung Shui while I was studying at the University of Hong Kong. The knowledge of Mathematics and Physics helps me tremendously in understanding and deciphering the ancient Fung Shui classics. Although I became a full-time Fung Shui practitioner after moving to Toronto, Canada, I think it is more appropriate to consider myself belonging to the category of scholarly researchers. Since I have been traveling to teach and practise Fung Shui all around the world, my practical experience covers Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, India, Australia, Israel, Greece, Russia, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. The practical experience confirms what I learned from the books.

3. In 1998, I founded Feng Shui Research Center to offer education in Chinese Metaphysics. To date, Feng Shui Research Center has branches in many of the countries I have referred to above.
My CV is included at the end of this report.


4 comments: said...

Dear Joseph,

Good you can share some parts of the report you presented.

On the point 2 I would have questioned:

> The practical experience confirms what I learned from the books.

Did you confirm everything you found in the books, or only part of it?

For example in your four pillars course you say you mention only those symbolic stars for which there is some statistic evidence.
This suggests there are stars which you couldn't confirm by evidence.


Joseph Yu said...

Dear Danny,

Good question.

What I learned from the books include parts that I accepted and parts that I rejected according to my understanding. The practical experience confirms the validity for acceptance and rejection.

No matter how great a book is, there are parts that we do not agree with and it has to be confirmed by practical experience.

JY said...

Hi Joseph,

So these rejected parts from the books, those you couldn't confirm by logic or practical experience..
That's what some people would call the "superstition" or "magic" part of feng shui?


Joseph Yu said...

Dear Danny,

It is right. However, it is not really black and white. There are some grey areas we still have to explore. It can be done only with enthusiasm and endless effort.