Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let Heaven and Earth be your teacher

When I was 6 years old the Republic of China retreated to Taiwan and the People's Republic of China was established. The city of Canton was bombed by airplanes from Taiwan and my family moved to a small village outside Canton. There I spent two years running on the mountains bare-footed, catching butterflies on the mountains and small crabs by the river. At night, I watched the stars blinking on the dark sky. These two years helped me understand Feng Shui easily later.

When I teach the Form School today, I always ask my students to spend time to watch real mountains and rivers. Classroom teaching can only be guidelines. No teacher can be better than Heaven and Earth.



Feng Shui Maestro said...

Dear Master Yu,

Thanks for your wisdom! It is a blessing to have you as our teacher.


Mary Catherine Bax said...

Dear Joseph,

Although I was unable to attend your last Feng Shui seminar, the excitement of your new theory resonated into the Four Pillars class.
What I understood is how the Heaven Earth communication in its basic binary form of yin and yang in the hexagrams give yet another qi pattern of a home.


I believe this theory could only be given to you not only for your childhood experience with nature but also the respect you've cultivated for this unseen force we call qi.

I've watched people come to the FSRC with an arrogance towards this powerful subject we study. It used to bother me that they would abuse this knowledge but, now I feel sorry for them. If you offend Heaven, who can you turn to?