Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Working with architects

I am happy to be invited to be the Feng Shui consultant of a project that consists of what will be the largest Asian theme mall in North America, two residential high rise and a public plaza. When I discussed the project with the architects, they explicitly expressed their intention of taking Feng Shui ideas seriously and not just for marketing purposes. I will be happy to share more later in my blog.



Feng Shui Maestro said...

Dear Master Yu,


Do keep us updated on the progress of this project.

Blessings, Ying

Laguna Vacations said...

Dear Master Yu,
Congratulations, how wonderful! I hope one day I could be as good of a Feng Shui Consultant as you. You may laugh...hahah...Impossible! Thank you for all the good knowledge you have shared with me throughout the years. Blessings, Maria

Marissa Sweet said...

Congratulations Master Joseph! Keep us in the loop!

jc said...

Wow! This is exciting news! Congratulations!