Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Feng Shui is not '1 + 1 = 2'

Some of you may ask sarcastically, "Feng Shui is '1 + 1 = 3' then?"
The answer is simply that Feng Shui is not a piece of mathematics. We cannot use an equation to describe Feng Shui. In the same way, Feng Shui is not a force, not an energy, not equivalent to any scientific terms. What is it then?

Feng Shui analysis is a description of the kind of metaphysical "energy" called qi entering a house and its interaction with the occupants to generate various outcomes depending on who lives there and how the person reacts to the qi. To make it simple, let me explain in simple terms.

Let us say, a certain kind of qi comes into a house. This kind of qi is capable of helping people to make money with art. Obviously if there lives an artist, he will find a lot of inspiration to help him create highly appreciated art and he can get rich because of this. He/she can be a movie star, singer or dancer and the house helps him/her to gain fame and fortune. If the occupant is a wealthy man who is uneducated and does not know how to appreciate art, the qi in the house can bring him a lot of beautiful women going after his money. He enjoys flirting around and spending his money like flowing water. The occupant can also make money by prostitution too and the qi there helps him/her to be charming and sexy. How can we design an experiment with houses having same qi pattern built in the same environment then? Someone living in the house can create a lot of beautiful products. Another person can give birth to a lot of beautiful children. It is not true that we can predict what happens in a house "accurately" based on Feng Shui analysis of the house. The case studies found in books are just matching events with star charts in a post-mortem.

A Feng Shui practitioner should know the clients well. The job is to find the most beneficial qi pattern for the client to help him live a successful and happy life.

Demanding a scientific proof that Feng Shui works only proves that you do not understand the nature of Feng Shui. There is no room for argument.



Howard Choy said...

Hi Joseph,

Allow me to make an analogy with Feng Shui and an airplane to express my point of view on the matter.

Most people know WHAT is an airplane because they have seen it in action, it flies, but only a trained pilot knows HOW to fly an airplane even though he might not know WHY, but an aeronautical engineer knows why and by knowing why and how he can design a better airplane for the pilot.

The problem with Feng Shui starts right from the beginning, most people don’t know what is Feng Shui, because they have never seen it in proper action, they assumed it is some kind of force that can be measured and that it can make you rich and famous and be able to tell the future, when in fact it is not what Feng Shui does, so it is like a person who only saw an airplane taxiing on the ground and think it is a tank!

Joseph Yu said...

Hi Howard,

Your airplane analogy is very good. Unfortunately some people expect you to perform an experiment with a control experiment to prove that Feng Shui works:

Put an aquarium in one house and do not do anything in another house. If the occupant in the house with aquarium gets rich while the other does not, then you have proven successfully that Feng Shui works.


Howard Choy said...

Hi Joseph,