Monday, November 14, 2011

An inspiring case study

More than 10 years ago, I gave a Zi Wei Dou Shu seminar in India. A student asked me to read a chart in class. I told him that the person should do well in the military force if that was the career he pursued. He should also do well if he ran a business with a lot of people working under him and the business was competitive.

The student said that it was his chart. He was not doing too well although he owned a factory with quite a lot of workers. When I asked more about his business, he told the class that he did not have to compete with other factories because his product was quite unique. He made money but he did not have much job satisfaction as he did not have the feeling of beating his rivals because he had no rivals.

On the other hand, he pointed out that his twin brother decided to join the army and became a famous general.

We can see that life reading only unveils an image. The person's decision affects the outcome. Another person with the same chart may decide to do nothing and becomes a beggar on the street. However, he may become a leader of a lot of beggars as if he is the king of beggars who rules a certain domain.

Good advice well taken will bring a person's potential to the highest level. This is the value of life reading.



Ranjan said...

Dear Joseph
That is the way to learn and apply the theories.Thank you very much for teaching us the subtle application of the theories.At least it has never failed me.

Ranjan said...

Dear Joseph

That is the way to understand and practice Chinese Metaphysics which you've always tried to make us realize.
Believe me it has never failed me whenever and wherever I've applied.

lucy ng said...

I can trade his postion anytime
HereI am finding so hard to make a living
and this guy with such good fortune
is not making the best of his luck

what a waste, Sifu can I trade for his bazi?