Monday, December 19, 2011

Guess what this is!

The first three characters in the central column is the name of the President of China, Hu Jin Tao. Can you guess what this monument is?



Riceles Araújo Costa said...

I think it's a kind of monument to honor the President. But, looking at the landscape - beautiful green mountains, monument placed in a higher level - I believe that this stone was set to catch good qi from environment and redirect it to Mr. Hu Jin Tao.

Just thinking aloud.

Merry X-mas.

Jon C said...

Could it be a commemorative stone when Mr. Hu visited that site in 1986 ? He'd be around 44 at that time when Deng XiaoPing was still around. Since the stone was only erected in 2004 after he became President in 2003, could it be that he directed this to depict his stature....being at the top ? And as Riceles posted, to capture the good Qi and direct it to him ?