Saturday, March 31, 2012

What kind of food do you like?

Time really flies. This is an article I wrote over 10 years ago and I happen to pick it up to share it here:

I am giving an analogy to describe websites, mailing lists and forums, books, distance learning courses, and live seminars.

The analogy is the different ways of eating.

Websites: You are reading the menu outside a restaurant. Whether you come in to eat is whether the menu suits your taste and budget.

Mailing lists and forums: You are on an island where there are wild fruits and animals. Occasionally there may be a forest fire and you can have some freshly barbecued meat. The wild fruits are usually sour but they may also be some goodies. There may also be poisonous fruits and the wild animals may bite you.

Books: These are fast food restaurants where there is no service. You help yourself. Most of the food is want is labeled as junk food.

Distance learning courses: You are in a restaurant serving all-you-can-eat buffet. If the course is accompanied by a restricted mailing list, then there are other customers telling you what to eat and perhaps to share with you their experience. The restaurant owner and the chef may come out to introduce to you the food they are proud of serving.

Seminars: You are in an expensive five-star restaurant. Whether the food is good will depend on your luck. Ask around before going in.

If you make friend with the owner of the restaurant, he may invite you to his home and eat his home-made food. This is the blog.


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Aida Tito said...

Great analogy Master Yu!

You drew a smile on my face with the one about wild animals!!!

All my respect