Sunday, April 8, 2012

Feeling and Response Between Heaven and Man

The basis of Chinese Metaphysics lies on the fact that human beings being part of the Universe can feel and respond to Heaven and Earth. This is known as Tian Di Ren Gan Ying 天地人感應. Form School Feng Shui or Xing Shi Pai 形勢派 depends on communication between Earth and Man 地人感應. Rational Qi School or Li Qi Pai 理氣派 depends on communication between Heaven and Man 天人感應. Only when both schools are integrated into one, we can obtain a complete Tian Di Ren Gan Ying.

Since the Bei Dou 北斗 constellation was most prominent to the eyes of the ancient Chinese, the seven stars from Bei Dou together with two invisible stars Zuo Fu and You Bi in the constellation became the focus of Feng Shui masters. When a star comes in contact with a person, the communication (can be one way or both ways) will generate Sheng Qi in the heart of the person. A dual communication is more powerful of course. The qi generated will affect the person's thinking and actions.

Metaphysics is the Dao while Science is the instrument 形而上者為道,形而下者為器. Dao cannot be visualized while Science is totally embraced by our five senses. Understanding Science can make a person intelligent while understanding Dao can make him wise.



Howard Choy said...

Most of what is “below form” can be studied with the scientific methods but what is “above form” is a lot more difficult, because the creative process or the “Shen Tong” 神通 (“penetrating the spirits”) at the end of knowing “the above form” is beyond analysis and it is non-repeatable. It is an individual moment of realization differs from person to person and cannot be taught. This “Xin Shu” 心術 (“methods of the heart-mind”) is the “Dao” part in the last stage of the 3 stages of the learning process, namely “Xue”, “Shu” and “Dao” 學。術。道 (to learn, to practice and to realize the Dao). So as teachers we can only do so much, we can only lead our students to the water’s edge but we cannot step in and drink the water for them. For that, we often get criticised and sometimes even get personal attacks vehemently for failing to do the impossible. I can think of a few names I came across recently but I will not mention them, I think you’d know whom I am talking about. I think it is unfair, but it is a cross every teacher has to bear, it comes with the job. Thank you for sharing.

Joseph Yu said...

Howard, if you are not attacked, you are not good enough yet. In a good discussion, attacking what a person says is inevitable and is what discussion is meant for. Attacking the person is unacceptable. When someone points at you saying that you know very little and yet want to be a representative (of whatever), he has three fingers pointing at himself saying I want to be the sole representative...

Wish you will be attacked more.


Howard Choy said...

Hi Joseph,

What you said remained me of a painting I saw a couple of weeks ago in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow by Nikolai Ge, called "What is Truth? Christ and Pilate". The artist painted Christ in a mute and haggard self-reflection, to express the idea that one has to suffer if one wants to help and to enlighten others:

Howard Choy said...

Also like to mention that when we do consultations, the microcosm of 內外人感應 mutual resonance between the insider(that is our client)and the outsider(that is the consultant), is needed to complete the macrocosm of 天地人感應 mutual resonance between Heaven, Earth and Human. Xing Shi considerations can find us an environment with Qing 情 (affection), Li Qi considerations can guide us to Shi 時 (being timely) and being sensitive and caring can endow us with Ren 仁 (benevolence).

Riceles Araújo Costa said...

This attitude of both expressed in the words above are invaluable.
Joseph and Howard are two people for whom I have great regard. I thank both the teachings I receive. May the Universe bless you always.