Sunday, July 29, 2012

ZWDS 144 Basic Charts

My new ebook "ZWDS 144 Basic Charts" is now available:

With the Emperor Star (Zi Wei Star 紫微星) located in one of the twelve palaces and the Life Palace (Ming Gong 命宫) also in one of the twelve palaces, there are 144 basic charts that cover charts for anyone. However, even though the 14 major stars are fixed, the other stars may vary and the life patterns will be different. This ebook guides you to read the charts.

To use this ebook, it is recommended that you try to understand what leads to the reading and not just to quote from the book. The book serves as a guidance to those who want to analyze a ZWDS chart systematically.



Benjamín said...

My dear Master Joseph Yu,

Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge.

My best regards,

Гюзель Юрова said...

Уважаемый Мастер Джозеф Ю! Можно ли приобрести эту книгу на русском языке?

Joseph Yu said...