Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Calabash and Dui Gua

From the Song of Flying Stars (飛星賦): 

Seven with a strange calabash form,
Medical and divining professions will bring prosperity.


The flying star 7 originates from the Dui trigram of the Ba Gua. Dui in the Xian Tian Ba Gua and Xun in the Hou Tian Ba Gua occupy the same position. Dui is something attached to a vine until severed eventually. This comes from Shuo Gua Zhuan 説卦傳: ...爲附决.

What the Song of Flying Stars says is that if the mountain star 7 is supported by a calabash shaped mountain, then the people have the potential of becoming a famous medical doctor or a diviner. On the other hand, if the water star 7 is supported by calabash shaped water, then the people can practice medicine or metaphysics to have success. 

Understanding the Yijing is fundamental to the practice of Feng Shui. Do not be misled by big mouths claiming to have learned from a recognized lineage without the basic understanding of Yi.


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Jodi Brunner said...

I have my office on ms7 and even if there is no external calabash shape, it is still good for metaphysics.

What you say is true.