Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Real Feng Shui Story

About 10 years ago, I went to fengshui a house. Opening the door was a pale-looking middle aged man. When I went into the house, I found that the windows were all closed and covered with thick curtains. It was very dark inside despite the fine weather on that day. I sensed unhealthy qi in the house. He confirmed that health issue was the main purpose of the consultation.

After taking the facing direction of the house (which was quite new) and did some calculation on my palm, I told the client three things to do:

1) Open some of the windows everyday and pull up the curtains most of the time.
2)  His bedroom occupied the north and northwest of the house and the bed was against the NW wall. I told him to move the bed to the north against the N wall.
3) I told the man to get up early every morning and walk in a clockwise direction around the block in the south and come back from the southwest. It would take about half an hour.

3 months later, the client called me to say that everything improved and he was not sick anymore. He then took my correspondence course.

Another 3 months passed and he emailed me to say he understood why I made the three recommendations. I told him, "Not yet!"

4 months later he emailed me again to say that I was right about his understanding of the recommendations. Now he said he knew why I made such recommendations. I replied, "Not yet!"

6 months later, he emailed me to say that he should also give credit to the half-hour exercise every morning on top of what was related to Feng Shui. I told him, "Now your understanding is complete."


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Joseph Yu said...

Important Feng Shui Rule:- The stars help only those who help themselves.

Joseph Yu