Saturday, April 27, 2013

What is supposed to be gratitude turns into hate

Some people ask me why Issac Chung hates me so much. I really don’t know. I can only disclose a little bit of history and hope that someone can enlighten me why things go in such a direction.

In 2004 I organized a Face Reading seminar for Issac Chung introducing him to my students. Here are two photos taken during the seminar at Feng Shui Research Center and at a celebration dinner after the seminar.

                                                   Face Reading seminar at FSRC, 2004

                                        Dinner after seminar with students

After the first seminar, I encouraged my students to organize seminars for Issac in USA (Judy Morris), Spain (Olga Garcia), UK (Foon Chik), Argentina (Monica Ottaggio), Panama (Tatiana Tobar), Chile (Olga Garcia) and Australia (Jodi Brunner). Issac also organized his own seminar in Toronto under his own school – Royal Academic Institute. I was happy to see a friend rising so fast in his global teaching career.

I have no idea why he is now attacking Feng Shui Research Center and myself with all his time and energy.  It is totally absurd and incomprehensible. If anyone can give me an answer, I will be grateful.


geo said...

I am very happy to be your student.
Georgina Papis

geo said...

i am very happy to be one of your students. my gratitude is for you, as you show it every day.
thanks Master Ju

Monica said...

"Some people, when given a little authority as they suppose, will begin to exhibit unrighteous dominion. Hence, many are called and few are chosen." He thought he had an open door, and he did. He was granted access to your students. But, he got greedy and wanted more...he wanted the students. When a man can't get others to elevate him, he tries to bring the others down lower than him. Pointless, really.

Mary Catherine Bax said...

Dear Joseph,

One word, jealousy.


Mylene Coste said...

Dear Master,
You have shown me the way and will always remain my only master.
You have shown Issac the way to International teaching but he wants to be the only master.
History remembers the greatest, not their followers, nor their heirs.
So I would say that "Ego" is his drive. By denying you and your teaching, he hopes for fame, that posterity will remember him as the great master of the 21st century.
Best wishes