Friday, May 24, 2013

A Story About Tai Sui 太歲

During the reign of Ren Zong 仁宗 of the Northern Song Dynasty 北宋, renovation of the East China Gate 東華門 was discussed.

 The officer in charge said, “Tai Sui is in the east. He should not be offended.”  

The Emperor commented, “For two houses built side by side both facing south, the east house has its west as the east of the west house. The west house has its east as the west of the east house. Where exactly is the Tai Sui? Renovate without worrying about such things.” 

The East China Gate was renovated and nothing bad happened.

The argument presented by Emperor Ren Zhong is not valid because he could not distinguish between direction and location. When we talk about Tai Sui, we refer to direction but the Emperor’s understanding is location. A lot of so-called Feng Shui masters today make the same mistake. We do talk about location. However, we focus at the direction of a location with reference to the established center of the Taiji (li Ji Dian 立極點).


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