Monday, January 13, 2014

Face Reading (Mian Xiang 面相)

A lot of people ask me whether I teach Face Reading. The answer is "No!"

I do not teach anything I do not practice professionally. The reason why I do not practice this art professionally is because it is not my cup of tea. To my understanding, there is a physical part and a spiritual part of Face Reading. The physical part is black and white while the spiritual part relies a lot on your feeling. It is not easy to integrate them together. It doesn't mean I am against the study and practice of Face Reading. In fact, I encourage my students to learn this art from various sources. 

Recently practitioners of Feng Shui Research Center have compiled a Face Reading course. I helped them with understanding some teachings from ancient books. I do not want to take credit for my contribution. The course they developed is their joint effort with some suggestion of translation of terms from me.  

Sometimes when we read an ancient book, we must read it with a skeptical eye. This is particularly true when several people were involved in the editorial work over the centuries. There are obvious mistakes but unfortunately the mistakes are continuously passed on and spread by many authors of today. 

Officially I have developed Feng Shui courses, Destiny courses including Four Pillars and Zi Wei Dou Shu, and Divination courses including Plum Blossom Divination, Wen Wang Gua, Qi Men Dun Jia and Da Liu Ren. Qi Men Dun Jia is the study of qi at a particular time and is not really classified under divination. This I will explain later. Face Reading is a professional course developed by FSRC trained masters but it is not exactly an official FSRC course because it is not developed by myself. 

I have seen the work of these highly recommended masters and I am happy they can help people with their knowledge.



Lai said...

Dear Master Yu,

There's a Chinese saying that goes "人不可貌相". This saying's might have originated from Confucius "以言取人,失之宰予;以貌取人,失之子羽", with reference to his two disciples 宰予 and 子羽.

Face Reading only encourages "JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER" which everyone of us has a natural tendency in our day-to-day engagement with new people. Face Reading teaching can send the wrong message to metaphysic students and practitioners to judge the book by its cover before a more wholistic approach in destiny analysis.

Personally, I feel that accuracy of Face Reading is heavily influenced by the reader's character and motive. A person who is noble and just at heart, will be less bias and fair in his or her reading (but without error). Where as a person with ulterior motive will be more subjective in his or her reading, seeking out what can benefit him or her. And a person who is fill with negativity may be more sensitive to flaw than positive traits.

For example, can anyone use Face Reading technique to read Stephen Hawking's brilliance if we hadn't known his work?

What do you think Master? Hope you can share your views. Look forward to your sharing and teaching.


Joseph Yu said...

Dear Chris,

Your thinking is right. That is why Face Reading is not really my cup of tea. Of course we cannot judge a person from his facial features just as what Confucius said. What I like better is the spiritual part of Face Reading which is a reflection of a person's heart. 相由心生. A person's facial features can change with a change in his character. From Face Reading we can get quite a lot of information about a person and is not just like the cover of a book. It may be a good summary of a book together with the table of contents subject to change at the discretion of the author.


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