Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bazi is colorful

At an elementary stage of studying Bazi 八字 or a more academic name, Four Pillars of Destiny 四柱推命術, we talk about types of charts 格局 and consider good and bad luck cycles. Some even classify the 10 deities into good and bad deities. These are only for beginners to have a guideline. Bazi is not black and white. It is colorful.

It is not enough to say good luck pillars or bad luck pillars. We have to know what is before the person during this cycle. And more importantly, how to deal with the situation to get the best result.

Su Dongpo's chart, for example, can be classified as "Follow Intensity 從旺格". It does not tell you anything. Some may say it is "Fake Follow" as there is Chou earth to go against the water. Well, it is not the case. Chou is one leg of the water directional frame in the north. It does not obstruct the flow of qi. However, it is not true that it transforms into water being in the water frame. Transformation is irrelevant.


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