Sunday, June 17, 2007

Su Dong Po's Ba Zi

Su Shi 蘇軾, who called himself Dong Po Ju Shi 東坡居士, was born in 1037 January 8. His four pillars chart is:

乙 癸 辛 丙
卯 亥 丑 子

56 46 36 26 16 6
丁 丙 乙 甲 癸 壬
未 午 巳 辰 卯 寅

Hai, Zi and Chou form a strong water directional frame inducing the Bing Xin combination to transform into water. The qi all drain into Yi Mao Shi Shen 食神. No wonder he was a great poet, writer, painter, calligrapher and philosopher.

Unfortunately the month branch Chou contains Qi Sha 七殺 and he got entangled between the conservative and reform parties 新舊黨爭. His political path was doomed to be disastrous.



Jeannie said...

Dear Master Yu,

Qi Sha is when there is no output to control unbecoming power. He has wood in hour pillar and in Hai, why is it still called Qi Sha?


Joseph Yu said...

The term Qi Sha is used here to mean Unbecoming Power. It is to emphasize on his courage and ambition to do well. The same term can have negative meaning. We have to read the context to get the meaning.

I will talk more about Su Shi's life to illustrate his four pillars chart.


Jeannie said...

Thank you Master Yu for your wise explanation.


Mary Catherine Bax said...

Hello Master Yu,

Did Wei luck period give him trouble? Wei not only clashes his power but also completes the triangular frame of output. During this time Hai is involved in both the frame of water and wood.

By any chance, did Su Shi enjoy eating raw fish?