Monday, October 8, 2007

Science and Feng Shui (3)

Although we cannot say that Feng Shui theories satisfy the rigorous scientific discipline, we still want to use a logical system to develop the subject.

The concept of Yin and Yang is fundamental in metaphysical studies. Once the concept is misunderstood, all theories will be built on a loose foundation. Let us examine how Mr. Li Dingxin understands Zhou Yi from what he wrote:

“According to Zhou Yi, everything in the world can be categorized as yin and yang. For example, heavy is yang, light is yin; above is yang, below is yin; brightness is yang, darkness is yin; strong is yang, weak is yin; boss is yang, followers are yin…. Etc.”

A logical system does not allow contradiction within the system. The sentence “Heavy is yang, light is yin; above is yang, below is yin.” is already self-contradictory.

We all know that what is light rises to above and what is heavy stays below because of the different densities. You can clearly see the contradiction:

Heavy = yang
Heavy = below
Therefore, yang = below
But, below = yin
Therefore, yang = yin.

Light = yin
Light = above
Therefore, yin = above
But, above = yang
Therefore, yin = yang.

The misunderstanding leads to the wrong concept of mountain = yang while water = yin.
Mr. Li conjectures that mountain is the boss while water is the follower and the boss is yang while the follower is yin.

Let us examine what happens in a company. The boss sits in his office to gives orders. The staff follows his orders to do the work. The boss stays quietly in his office and makes his staff running around to do work. Who is yang and who is yin?

When there is internal contradiction, the system is simply wrong. We cannot say that there are different systems and all systems work. A system that is based on self-contradictory statements is simply wrong.

Everyone can claim that his system works because he has many years of practical experience. Such claims are worthless. If someone practiced Feng Shui as a profession after 1949 in China, then he should have died during the Cultural Revolution.


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