Thursday, October 4, 2007

Beauty of Nature

Good Feng Shui should consists of sheng qi from Heaven, Earth and Activities.

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Mary Catherine Bax said...

Dear Joseph,

A picture paints a thousand words. Your photos are a reflection of the unspoken words of your soul.

A few days ago I came across these words that describe the cherry blossoms in Washington DC and thought how beautifully these words apply to the Chinese metaphysics term, Peach Blossom.

We are "transformed in spring...a pale pink haze settles... and we are reminded of the fragile beauty of the blossoms and even of life itself...the blossoms reaffirm that all glorious visions must be tested and reinvigorated in order to remain vital. The blossoms return each spring to remind us that all gifts must be carefully tended if they are to endure".