Saturday, September 29, 2007

Science and Feng Shui (2)

Some Feng Shui schools brag about the authenticity of their teaching by examining ancient temples. According to their theory, the temples should face the so-called Xiao Kong Wang or Da Kong Wang. They use their luopans to verify their findings.

Well, if a temple was built several hundred years ago, the luopan reading today can be different from the reading when it was built by a few degrees. What is facing Kong Wang today probably did not face Kong Wang when it was built. This simply shows that their great grand masters did not practice the same kind of Feng Shui as they are now practicing.

If we assume that Yang Yun Song invented the Tian Pan according to the astronomical north, then the angle of declination at that time in Ganzhou where he researched Feng Shui theories should have been 7.5 degrees. Today, the angle of declination is about 4 degrees. Well, well!



TYTan said...

Dear Master Yu,

It can also mean that the Tian Pan practice should be different for different places depending on the magnetic declination of each location. It should not be taken as 7.5 degree for all places.

Joseph Yu said...

Dear TY

It can be. It depends on the formation of the formula used. In Xuan Kong Feng Shui, only Di Pan is used. This also explains why the effect of yin zhai feng shui is not lasting. The magnetic measurement changes by about 4 minutes every year in places 40N120E. It will change by 1 degree in about 15 years. There will be many cycles of changes in 500 years. Examining ancient buidlings/graves using the luopan brings one to nowhere.