Thursday, September 6, 2007

Q and A about Feng Shui (1)

Q: Is clutter removal Feng Shui?

A: Yes and no. If the clutter blocks the flow of qi in a house, then removal of the clutter is a Feng Shui practice. If the clutter reminds people of sad things happened in the past, then removal of the clutter is to stop generating sha qi in the mind of people and it is Feng Shui practice. We can compare clutter to the high cholesterol in blood vessels that may cause blockage of the blood vessel. We can also compare clutter to toxic materials in our body. Removal of such medical practice just as removal of clutter is Feng Shui practice.

Some people define clutter as something that you do not use for a certain length of time and it should be removed. Well, not everything in your house is frequently used. As long as it does not obstuct the flow of qi and it does not cause sha qi to be generated in the mind of people, why do we need to remove it?

On the other hand, if something is ugly, even though it may be something that you use everyday, it should be removed. The removal of ugly objects is Feng Shui practice.


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