Thursday, September 27, 2007

Science and Feng Shui

Imagine that there are scientists claiming to have learnt all secrets in Physics from Nicolas Copernic (1473-1543) and Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) and say that their knowledge of physics is from the most authentic source. They further state that Issac Newton (1643-1727) twisted the physical laws to establish fake physics and that he has departed from the lineage of Copernic-Galilei. Of course, to their eyes, Albert Einstein (1879-1955) is just a fake scientists because his knowledge is so different from the grand fathers Copernic and Galilei.

This is what exactly is happening in the Feng Shui world. Ever since Deng Xiaoping 鄧小平(1904-1997) pushed the reform in China after the death of Mao Zedong 毛澤東(1893-1976), Feng Shui masters emerge like sprouts of bamboo shoots after the rain. To establish fame followed by fortune, some overnight Feng Shui masters suddenly claim that they have practiced Feng Shui for 50-60 years and are now taking indoor disciples. They must think that everyone is a dumb fool not knowing that Feng Shui practices were forbidden after 1949 until Deng Xiaoping “let some people get rich first“.

To stand out, some of these masters claim that they inherited the original Feng Shui knowledge form Guo Pu 郭璞(276-324) and Yang Yun Song 楊筠松(834-900?). All other Feng Shui masters in history were fake except those holding the lineage of Guo-Yang. So, all of a sudden, San He 三合 Feng Shui is fake. San Yuan 三元 Feng Shui is fake. Only Guo-Yang 郭楊 Feng Shui is authentic. They shamelessly call Jiang Dahong 蔣大鴻 a Feng Shui crook. It is the same as saying Issac Newton is a fake scientist and Albert Einstein is a crook. Only the lineage holders of Copernic and Galilei are true scientists.

Fortunately the lineage game is not played in science.

Wake up Feng Shui enthusiasts!



Naseeb said...

Dear Master Joseph,

So powerfull and expressive words you have said.
I think it is very important the Masters like you make their sound so clear against this phenomena.

Your words have much more weight and effect!

Best regards,

Jeannie said...

Dear Master Yu,

I second Naseeb... I'm so glad you're straightening this phenomenon.

Best wishes.

TYTan said...

Dear Master Yu,

That's a great "wake-up call". This is most timely as the world is embracing this Chinese Art more and more everyday.

Antje Schwaericke said...

The difference in science is that the researchers get money for their research work and they are forced to give out regularly publications about the results of their work (not just some unregularly private postings like in any Feng Shui schools) otherwise their income is cutted.
And besides their research work (at least in universities) the researchers are forced to teach students. So they have two tasks for what they get money as research besides another fulltimejob is not possible.

Furthermore in science people get credits who do the best research work, finding/creating new ideas, connections, products and so on. No one gets much credit or a title and money for being able to repeat/quote 1:1what their boss says like in lineages.
So there are much more difficult requirements for the researchers to fullfill.

When someone compares science-system to lineage-system then probably just the old master could research in earlier times because the disciples cared for him and he didn´t need to do a daily job. Furthermore the old master had some probands to test his new ideas/understandings/theories for free before bringing them to the public.

I think just most people, obviously even not the Chinese speaking/reading people do and did not understand how a lineage system worked. Very sad.
Well, surely their Masters and lineage founders didn´t tell them after a whole life spending for him, that they were subjects for him, furthermore this would have falsified the masters experiments. Though I´m sure that it would have shown the sincerety of the disciples - how much they really loved their master, even when knowing someone was used as a subject for research tests while spending the whole life for him...

In any case this would have been extremely interesting...

In that sense:
Wake up lineage-holders and followers!