Monday, September 3, 2007

Half full =/= Half empty

Half full = Half empty is reality.

Full =/= Empty is also reality.

Two person are having dinner together.
After the first course, person A says, "I am half full."
He stops eating feeling satisfied.

Person B says, "My stomach is half empty". He is eagerly waiting for the next course and feels hungry.

The way they think makes half full not equal to half empty.

Our mind can make things happen. This is because our mind can create qi.
Feng Shui deals with qi. Therefore saying that the use of symbolism is not Feng Shui is not right.


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Bernhard said...

Once a time, a little bird flew in to my office, a big loft-like space with lots of glass. The bird flew in panic against the glass till he moved no more. I piced the consciousless creature up, brought it outside to the terrace and hold it lifeless, not moving in my arms. Half death? or half alive? I thought, do I help the creature dying or do I help living? So I thought I should help living! After a long few minutes, the bird rouse his head, looked around, shake the wings and flew avay. Alive!