Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The secret is in Time and Space.

There is no fixed direction that is auspicious. There is no fixed time that is auspicious. When the direction and time match, then it is auspicious. This is the entire secret in Feng Shui.

The question is "How?!"

There are many good restaurants where people enjoy the good food. The chef in each restaurant claims to have secret recipes handed down from generation to generation. I love food and therefore have eaten in many good restaurants. When I have a chance to chat with the chefs, I find that they all keep their trade secrets tightly and would not disclose a bit. One day I was invited to eat in a canteen and found that the food was exceptionally good. I chatted with the cook and to my surprise he told me he would teach me goumet cooking.

The first lesson I learned that there was no secret recipe to learn.

The second lesson I learned the different kinds of fish in the market place.

Then the different parts of a pig. Then the different parts of a cow. Then different vegetables.

Well, I spent one whole year in the market place with the cook just to learn the raw materials.

Then I watched him cooking different dishes. There was no teaching and no recipe.

Ha! One day the cook asked me, "Did you see any important thing I did in steaming a fish?" When he was satisfied with my observation, he continued to ask me why he did that. He never told me the right answer. He only disagreed with my answer until I got the right answer and the right explanation to the answer.

After many years, I realized that the secret is in Time and Space. The raw materials must be timely. The temperature and other ingredients must be right for the dish.



Riceles said...

“The secret is in Time and Space”.

Dear Master Yu,
Sometime ago I wrote in an Orkut forum: “Traditional fengshui adjustments are based in formulas that consider two components – Time and Space (place). The principle is “right place in right time”.
Your words confirms I’m within a correct fengshui path.
Thank you very much.

Riceles Costa

nancyng.perfume online store said...

you can stay by the chef side for 1 year to learn his knowledge of good cooking but would you allow us to stay by your side for 1 year to learn? difference between fengshui and cooking, fengshui master are usually so stingy becos every knowledge they will only exchange for $$$$$

Joseph Yu said...

Yes, why not? I have students who live nearby invited to accompany me while I am giving a Feng Shui consultation. There is no 1 year limit. My students can accompany me any time they like.


Jodi Brunner said...

wow if you knew Master Yu, you would not say that. There is more information on his website, on fb and the web for you to read and learn from whenever you like, for free!

Howard Choy said...

Hi Joseph,

Great analogy connecting cooking with feng shui, what you said about space and time is indeed the secret to Xuankong. May I add a third ingredient to the cooking and that is human action. Being in the right time and at the right place would not be enough if the right action is not taken. Besides it is the desire to do the right thing that would help us match the direction with time in an appropriate way.

Alan Yeoh said...

Hi Joseph, I'm from Malaysia and Agree I didn't learn much after paying so much. I like to learn from Mok commercial teacher like you. Do u know anyone like you in Malaysia?

Joseph Yu said...

I only offer online courses now but you get a lot of support in the private discussion groups specially for students and graduates. You can go to my website astro-fengshui.com to take a look.