Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Comforting Story

It is good to tell a good story to start the new year.

My client Paul DeAngelis called me to fengshui his new home. When we first met 10 years ago, he was a fresh graduate from university pursuing professional degrees for practicing TCM. I fengshuied the house he rented to share with two other friends. He implemented all my suggestions and had success academically as well as in love life.

Paul got married and bought his first house. I fengshuied the house and the business he started 1 year later.

A couple of years afterwards, his business expanded and I went to fengshui the new addition.

Today, he has bought another house in a more expensive area and acquired another unit to further expand his business. It is really comforting to see how my client grows.

The story of the rented house was published on my website and this one is a continuation of the story. Please go to this page the read Part 1:

After examining the house with the star chart, I told Paul and Christina to do something at the backdoor of the house as the energy there may cause leg injury. This is actually the same problem with the front door of his rented house in 1998.

Christina was astonished and pointed to one of their 3 dogs, “After moving into this house, this dog had problem with his right leg. We brought him to for medical treatment. He was then all right but his left leg is beginning to show problems now.”

I asked whether Paul had leg injury himself and he said no.

Then I noticed that one eye of the dog looked funny and asked them about it. Paul said the dog’s right eye was blind. He found it out one week after he bought the dog that the eye looked abnormal. He called the pet shop and they told him that the dog was blind and asked him to return the dog for a replacement. Seeing that the pet shop owner would make the dog sleep, Paul refused the offer and brought the dog for treatment instead. The dog is healthy and happy today except that the right eye is fake.

Well, Paul saved the dog's life. What did the dog do to Paul in return?



Marianna Halassy said...

Dear Joseph,

When a client is doing well according to our suggestion, it is one of the best feelings what we can experience - our knowledge and help planted in a fertile soil!

Besides the obvious, that dog can carry the most beneficial qi around the house and this prominent qi is symbolized -among other things- by the dog in this period and this makes it even more auspicious to have or rescue- one or… two or ….

This is ‘dog days’ for the next 16 years!

According to scientific studies and life experiences dogs can extend your life at least 3-4 years, they lower your blood pressure, they have a therapeutic effect on you and they ease stress and depression. Dogs can motivate you and calm you down and therefore they help with healing.
Among many other exceptional talents what dogs have, which are a great benefit to us, they can detect cancer.

But all these benefits can come to you only one way - through love!

Your client showed a good heart towards his dog and he’ll get more than he can imagine.

I wish you a healthy, prosperous and peaceful New Year!

Warm regards,

Mary Catherine Bax said...

Dear Joseph and Marianna,

It is no surprise that dogs are known as man's best friend. Paul and Christina's dog defended his family by taking the leg injury meant for the people of the house.
I've seen this before in homes, the dog absorbing the sha qi. A dog is a noble and loyal animal, a protector on many levels.
I am comforted by the fact this type of qi is in charge these days.

Happy New Year! Looking forward to class on Saturday.