Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Feng Shui and Astrology

Feng Shui cannot make you a billionaire. It cannot make you rich.

Feng Shui can provide you with the environment full of inspiration and energy to make money. It is you yourself who make you a rich person, not Feng Shui.

Astrology cannot predict that you will become a billionaire in certain 10 years. It cannot tell you that you will suffer from ill romance (Tao Hua Jie 桃花劫) in a certain year.

Astrology only tells you that in certain 10 years you will encounter good opportunitie in business. You make yourself a billionaire, not your horoscope. Astrology may also tell you that a trap is waiting for you to fall into whereupon you will be seduced by a woman/man. It is your choice to fall into the trap willingly and suffer from the consequence. It is not your horoscope that nails you down to the mess.

Living in a house with goood Feng Shui does not necessarily mean that you get the benefit. Peach Blossom energy can hurt you but it can also help you. It is your choice.

An ordinary Feng Shui consultant tries to "cure" the energies in a house.
A good Feng Shui consultant advices the occupants how to make the best out of the energies in the house.

An ordinary astrologer tells you when you will have good luck and bad luck.
A good astrologer advices you how to make use of your opportunities in specified ways and how to avoid identifiable problems in a specific time frame.


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Fourpillars.net said...

I think a good astrologer also tells his people that life is full of situations where all we can do is wait and be ready to receive if something good comes.


Just like many times there are clouds, but that doens't mean there will be rain. And we can't do anything to make it rain.
But if my reservoir is not prepared, then I won't be ready in case it does rain.

Sometimes the astrology can only tell us when there will be clouds.
Then I can ready myself for rain.
But if no rain falls, it doesn't mean the astrology was wrong.
Rain was not guaranteed, but only "probable".

People have unrealistic expectations about what astrology can do.