Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Life is like a computer game

Life is like a programmed computer game. You are given the weapons that you choose at different stages. This is like acquiring different skills in life that help us to walk our paths. If we choose wrong weapons, we will fail early. If we choose a different path at a crossroad, we will also face different enemies. The weapon used to defeat the enemy may be different. We have our choice.

Astrology can tell us what we may encounter at different stages of our lives. It does not, however, predict when we will die. It does not even predict whether we can beat our enemies and have good achievement. We are in our own hands, in other words.

A good astrologer can tell you what you will have to deal with at different stages of your life. He will tell you what weapons to choose to effectively overcome difficulties and achieve high in life. He will also tell you what to avoid and what to follow in order to live a meaningful life. But he will not tell you when you will get married, divorced, sick and die. Instead, he may tell you when you will meet your loved one and whether or not your marriage will be enjoyable. Then it helps you to decide whether or not to get married or just enjoy a sweet but not lasting relationship without commitment. He will also tell you which parts of your body are vulnerable to illness and when it is most dangerous.

Astrology, Yijing Divination, Qi Men Dun Jia are all such constructive systems. They help us to go in the right direction in life to have the most beneficial results. Unfortunately, all these systems are abused by most people to treat them as fortune telling systems. It brings them down to a worthless level.



Mary Catherine Bax said...

Dear Joseph,

Well said.

The more I study at the FSCR, I realize I am studying the differnt forces brought by time, the qi of time. Understanding the characteristics of time allows me to be more aware of the people and events that have a good potential to materialize and how the environment supports these opportunities.

Not knowing much about Tai chi, it seems this martial art teaches how to neutralize a force that is coming to attack and transforming this force using leverage and inner power to one's advantage. Perhaps this is what you are really trying to teach your students.

The mathematical language of time, the dance between heaven and earth, the 60 combinations of heaven and earth, what would Einstein have done with these cyclical patterns? All my years of studying calculus and psychics finally have found a practical application in time and space.

It is unnerving when people are expecting decisions to be made for them about romance or career or expecting to know exactly what the future holds without taking a personal inventory. Everyone wants the quick fix and I can’t blame them.

How I hoped for easy street when I first started studying Feng Shui!

Instead I’m learning how to play the game of life with a seasoned play book that was used by emperors and generals in ancient China. When the opposing team is stronger, faster and better prepared, it would be wise to be content with gaining a few yards rather than throwing a pass into the other team’s hands. Even if I lose a game, I have learned my weaknesses to better build my strengths for the next challenge.

This is no school for storefront psychics.


Elizabeth said...

I believe that life experiences are recorded in the brain and catagorized like a computer hard drive. It is necessary to reflect on past life experiences and defragment the way memories have been stored.

When negative driven memories are stored and neurons build highways within the brain to these memories we are affected and like the computer it slows down our progress; our ability to grow in all aspects of our being. Though we are unable to recognize it.

It becomes important to reflect on past negative memories and build new highways with positive emotional content in order to defragment our habitual negative patterns that subconsiously affect our lives in hidden ways. The child who was deeply hurt as a boy or girl becomes the easily angered man or woman (a natural human defense to feeling threatened).

He/she must mentally revisit themselves as the boy/girl and tell themselves they love even that little boy/girl that still exists in their memory. If they can revisit these neagtive memories and add a postive thought like forgiveness, love, acceptance, to it they will overcome the easily angered man or woman and find inner balance.

This is a great weapon on the many highways of life. When one has inner balance then the spirits of the universe can speak more freely to the man or woman. It will open them up to the different vibrations of the Earth that they have been closed to. We must first find inner peace and balance before we can gain more than material possessions from this world.

To live is to know hurt, pain, tradegy, sadness, disappointmnet, love, joy, excitement, happiness. The trick is to turn the negative life experiences into positive life lessons and forgive yourself and others for everything that brought unbalance into your mental state of being.

To come full circle in ones mental capacities and stand firmly planted like a tree. This weapon is powerful. This weapon comes from the self.

Before one ventures into a fortuneteller or psychic for help, it is first best to look within and heal what time has tried to forget happened in our pasts. Strengthen the inner self and try not to force outcomes that one desires, but allow what the universe has set into motion to come into existance. What needs to happen will happen, that which we desire to happen is not always the best outcome, we just can't see that yet. The universe will remain balanced, and when the universe is out of balance it will create balance. We should do the same.