Wednesday, May 14, 2008


How many lives can you see and how many are there you cannot see?

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Monica said...

Lets see...there are two geese, maybe two eggs, a for those I can't see. I would safely assume that the turtle and the geese have stowaways...lice and other insects inside and out. There are multitudes of animals, fish and amoeba under the water. Lots more critters on land...and in the land itself. And the air is full of bugs.
Everywhere contains some form of life, whether we see it or not. Even the air we breathe may have germs...and germs live, too.
Can't get away from it!

Frau Specht said...

Lives I can see: birds, turtle, plants and water
lives I can`t see:
unborn lives in the eggs (I see four)
lives in the water
lives in the air
lives in the dead wood

Joseph Yu said...

Thanks for your responses. Indeed there are unseen lives that are much more numerous than the seen ones.

Our brain is visible. Our mind is invisible. Our present day science is still far from completely understnading the brain. The mind, of course, belongs to the unknown realm of metaphysics. Our mission is to explore this land by removing the superstitious veil inappropriately placed on it.


Riceles said...

Life is everywhere.