Monday, August 24, 2009

Daode Jing: Chapter 81 信言不美


Teresa Hwang Feng Shui & Design said...

Dear Master Yu,

Very wise words!

Thank you for sharing the video with us.

Best regards,


Annie Pecheva said...

Dear Joseph,

In Chapter 9 of "Dao De Jing" the great Chinese sage Lao Zi says:

"When gold and jade fill the hall,
nobody cannot keep them safe. "

However, one of the most used traditional wishes in China is namely to have "a hall full with gold and jade"...



Joseph Yu said...

Dear Annie,

The original words in Chapter 9 of Dao De Jing are:


The third sentence says, "When gold and jade fill the hall, nobody can safeguard them."

Unfortunately most people take the first half of the sentence in describing the wealthy and forget about the second half. Sometimes it may be used as an ironic wish.


Annie Pecheva said...

Yes, and that's also why Lao Zi says "Pleasant words are not trustworthy"美言不信... I mean the pleasant words of an ironic wish. :-)