Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beijing Financial Street

This monument consists of three parts:

Heaven - the globe has a coin with the words Kai Yuan Tong Bao 開元通寶 inscribed. It also has the initial JR standing for Jin Rong 金融 on the other side of the globe. It shows the time and space aspect of Heaven.

Man - the four legs of a stable urn shows the oldest cloth money with the name of the ancient financial center in China 茲氏 on each cloth bank note. For artistic reasons, the radical 草 is split into two, one standing on top and the other at the bottom. The other part of the character is "silk 絲" and it looks like the numeral 88.

Earth - the square base with the name of the street.



Monica said...

Is it simply a work of art representing heaven man and earth? or is it to bring good luck?

Joseph Yu said...

Hi Monica,

Don't believe that good luck can be brought by any object. Such belief is fengshui pollution or pollution to feng shui theories.

It is a beautiful piece of art that can educate and inspire intelligent beholders.


Monica said...

Dear Joseph,
Years ago when I was looking for answers to my feng shui questions, you were there to point the right way. That way never included believing in lucky charms or superstition, but was about finding out why and how things worked in a logical and common sense way. I've always been able to count on you for wisdom, and so I've not had to count on "things" for luck.
It's what sets you apart from all the rest, and only one of the reasons I appreciate you so much.
Thank you Joseph.