Thursday, October 1, 2009

The person, not the star

I remember the house I bought when I first set foot on Canada. It was a Period 7 house facing Ren (N1). The bedroom in the NW had the stars 1 and 4 and I assigned it to my elder son who was about to graduate from high school. Well, he improved a lot from the days when he was in Hong Kong and was admitted into the University of Toronto. What was more amazing was that he was never short of girl friends. As a result, his academic achievement was quite limited.

Then I assigned the room to my younger son. He was always among the best in high school and university and got a good job after graduation. He also got married with his high school sweet heart.

The same stars when used by different people will generate different results. Some people can use the star for academic achievement while others may use the star to become an artist. The same stars can also be used by some people to become romantic people flirting all the time.

The nature of a star does not change, the outcome depends on the user.



Naseeb said...

Dear Master Joseph,

Thank you for sharing with us. How much could this be related to the Bazi strucure of the person and the luck pillar that he is going through?

Joseph Yu said...

Dear Naseeb,

Life reading can only tell what someone encounters at certain stage of life. The outcome depends on how he reacts to what he faces. Of course, from the natal chart of a person we can also read his character and therefore the probable reaction.

I always speculate that there is something missing in life readings. Life consists of two parts, the body and the spirit. The body comes from the parents. We know too little about the spirit. Reincarnation is one hypothesis but it is not the only option.

The quality of the spirit cannot be read from the natal chart no matter what kind of astrology we use. The quality of the spirit is responsible for at least part of the decision a person makes when he encounters something predicted by the life chart. This accounts for different outcomes for people with the same life chart.

I have an immature hypothesis about the spirits and I am working on it. I want to do it the rigorous way and hope that one day the hypothesis is ready to be disclosed.


Naseeb said...

Dear Master Joseph,

This is an interesting explanation. Chinese metaphysics is really multi-layered and has deep roots.
When I come to the question "how the environment affects the person", I know that there are two parties: "environment" which is described by Feng Shui and "person" which is described by his Bazi chart. The keyword, in my humble opinion, is "affects" . In order to understand the effec, we need to make the linkage between the two parts: FS and 4P. One example of such a linkage would be a complex matrix relates the 9 stars not only with time (9 periods) and space (9/8 palaces) but also with the "Man" described by his ming gua (as a simple formula) and his Bazi (as a more complicated formula). Obviously, I have still a long way to go. I personally think that studying the 9 stars by themselves is only a basic level. The advanced and more interesting level would be studying the linkage between the 9 stars and the individuals. said...

>I always speculate that there is something missing in life readings. Life consists of two parts, the body and the spirit.


Dear Joseph,

What is missing in life reading is the factor of "other people" that are around when the person grows up. The kind of attention and care he gets.

In feng shui we mainly study the energies that influence the life and the development of the person.
In four pillars we asses the energetic blue print of the person himself.

But neither method tells us anything specific about the "other people" factor.
This includes not only parents and grandparents, but also brothers and sisters, and later friends, schoolteachers..
Some people got abused by an uncle, others found a great mentor in a neighbor, or their father was in jail...
All these things can make an enormous difference in a child's development.

And that's what we can't quantify from a four pillars chart life reading.

You say life has two part: body and spirit.
We could say that body is influenced by genetics and environment (feng shui)
Spirit depends on four pillars, but also on the other spirits that are around when the person grows up.
And there we get into a kind of infinite regress, because these other spirits around were also influenced by "other spirits" when they grew up.

So there will always be something missing in life reading.

Google book search gives some interesting pieces on this topic:


Mary Catherine Bax said...

Dear Joseph, Naseeb and Danny,

The influences on us seen and unseen appear to endless. They show up in our ming gua, our fengs shui, 4 Pillar charts and QMDJ.

IMHO, What makes a difference is the choice a person make to either tap into a higher source or become more self-indulgent and addicted to material pleasures the world offers.
It seems to me those who seek a power greater than themselves have a real peace about them. They don't try to control but rather try to fit in the ebb and flow of time. And many do this without any knowledge of Chinese metaphysics.


Jo Ching said...

hi Master Yu

Perhaps you need to also mention about other dimensions like for eg annual stars influence. Your sons stayed in the same room but over different time. The 1 4 there is static. It is the annual and monthly interaction that cause the difference. Not sure if you agree.

Joseph Yu said...

Hello Jo Ching,

Perhaps I can use an analogy here:

The mountain and water stars in a chart are like the piece of steak for dinner. The annual and monthly stars are like the sauce which can add flavour to the steak. However, the sauce can get along with the steak or can make the steak less tasty. The sauce will not, in general, change the nutritious value of the steak.

The same piece of steak can be very healthy to one person but can bring illness to another person. It is not the sauce that is responsible for that.


Jo Ching said...

Hi Master Yu

I see that you are the chef here since u have the ability to determine how u want the taste of the steak to be.

I do not think, within the same period, the intrinsic nature of 1 4(steak) will turn bad to the extent that it caused sickness.

Your 2 sons did have some academic improvement except one did not do as well as the other.

What caused this difference?

I still think it is the sauce (guest stars or change in external environment).

I thank u for your views.