Thursday, October 29, 2009

Numbers Game

Numbers are really funny when you play with them. A Feng Shui master in Toronto lives in a house with number 14. When real estate agents ask him why he live in a house with such an unlucky number, he explains that it is supersititious to consider the number 4 as unlucky. Number 14 for a Feng Shui master means career success and romance, he further comments. Well, what about 25 and 23? Can we apply flying stars to house numbers?

It so happens that I moved into a house with number 26. Well, 2 is Kun and 6 is Qian in Hou Tian Ba Gua. It matches the fact that there lives grandpa and grandma.

If you are young and lives in number 26, then I will quote from Xuan Kong Mi Zhi 玄空秘旨:

Wealthy as Tao Zhu - it must be firm gold meeting earth.

The famous Tao Zhu Gong 陶朱公 was a real business expert who became the wealthiest man in the Kingdom of Qi 齊 in just a few years time after leaving the Kingdom of Yue 越. Tao Zhu was the famous Fan Li 范蠡 who helped the King of Yue to defeat his rival King of Wu. That is a beautiful story.

Play with numbers in anyway you like with a positive approach. It stimulates sheng qi in your mind and the good wishes will come true. The numbers themselves become the most powerful talisman.



Jodi Brunner said...

LOL Joseph you've been spending too much time in Hong Kong lately...

Some masters tell me that there are better techniques than the Flying Stars, that playing with the numbers is just a game, but can they find the star that brings cancer using the Ba Zhai school? I think not.

Oh yeh and sure, we can, using all the stars in the palace make up some stories about what has happened to the people - but is it true? We can only see that by experience.

My shop is also number 141 and being a Feng Shui shop this is quite a joke to some masters until I tell them I have water star 8 at the door.


Joseph Yu said...

Dear Jodi,

The #8 water star only provides energy for you to make money there. It does not bring money to you without your own effort. I accompanied your husband to meet a supplier and witnessed how he negotiated impossible deals. It is truly amazing.


Mary Catherine Bax said...

Dear Joseph,

I noticed on your web page for the 4 Pillars Calculator you have added a destiny numeral.

Does the destiny numeral play into the Numbers Game?


Joseph Yu said...

Dear Mary,

The destiny numeral is provided for readers of a new book co-authored by Foon and myself. It is a translation of a book claimed to have been written by the Ghost Valley Master 鬼谷子 who lived in the Zhou Dynasty. This may be just a false claim to borrow his fame. The book might be written much later, perhaps in the Tang or Song Dynasty. It is, anyway, more than 1000 years ago.

I find this book quite useful as a supplement to a Four Pillars reading. The original book was written in cryptic language. When I first read the description of my own destiny numeral, I was shocked at the accuracy. That is why I asked Foon to help me write up the translation to offer it to Westerners.

There will be a printed version written in modern language for everyone. There will also be a version faithful to the original and will only be offered as an ebook. I will provide more information about this book later.