Sunday, October 18, 2009

The fishing skill, not the fish

The way I learned Feng Shui from my master was through:

(1) Observation
(2) Asking questions
(3) Searching for an answer from ancient Feng Shui classics
(4) Presenting my understanding
(5) Repeating (3) and (4) until my master was satisfied

My master was a great master but he did not teach me in the way most people call "teaching". This is the most solid form of teaching.

Did he pass onto me some well-kept "secrets" of Feng Shui? Yes, and I have already disclosed the secret in this posting:

It is the fishing skill, not the fish.


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Mary Catherine Bax said...

Dear Joseph,
In my observation as your student, you are also open to new concepts from the experiences and ideas of your students. If they can be proven in a logical way, I’ve seen them added to future seminars.
This makes your teaching dynamic compare to the stagnant approach used in the lineage method.
An example of this, is how you incorporated the best strategy for a sport, such as hockey or football in the QMDJ course. Based on who is the guest, the host and the direction they need to go to score, not much different than a battle, QMDJ gives a clear picture of the game.
It makes the game much more fun to watch and is why it is a delight to be taught by you!