Friday, June 25, 2010

Full Moon


Monica said...

What a beautiful view! I love how the moon reflects off the lake. Thanks for sharing.

joey said...

Have you ever watched Dr Oz shows?
Today he`s been talking about what there is in our toilets.
When you flush the toilet with lid open, all the bacteria comes out and spreads as far as 6 meters and stays there for a long time. This may later lead to intestinal infections and other malign diseases. Basic but probably the most essential and important Feng Shui advice you`ll ever get. Close the lid when you flush. And wash your toothbrush and other Bathroom items frequently

joey said...

some people use only 5 gods in bazi, as the use of 10 gods appears to be unreliable. I`ve seen people with one Shi Shen,like the recently deposed General Mckrishtal, being rude and direct in their expression, yet this is normally associated with drastic output, or too much gracious output.
What is your experience with that?