Sunday, May 30, 2010

More on Master Ghost Valley translation

This book gives a sketch of the life path of a person under different headings. Most of the time, it presents a vivid picture of animals and plants to convey an idea. Sometimes, human beings are also included in the picture. Therefore, when you read this book, read it like appreciation of fine art. Inject life into art and appreciate the beauty. Be inspired to use your imagination with no confinement to what you see directly in the picture.

Master Ghost Valley might have developed a system to enable him to draw the picture of life based on the year and hour stems (and branches). Unfortunately, the system is not disclosed in the book. However, a lot of people have read the book and was impressed with the content. The reading touches the heart of the reader. I am one of them. That is why Foon and I decided to have it translated and offered it in English. Later on it may also be available in other languages. It is our wish that some readers may even be able to discover the theory behind the reading.

There are concerns about whether the readings from this book may be contradictory to readings using the Four Pillars of Destiny. For example, according to the book, life may be difficult in earlier years but enjoyable in old age while according to Four Pillars, the person may be doing well in ealier years and encounter failure in late years.

Since the book is based on the year and the hour, it is likely that the year is the body (Ti 體) while the hour the application (Yong 用). The person may come from a poor family and therefore has a difficult start. But he can do well by his talent and effort. There is no contradiction. In old age, the person may enjoy a deserved retirement according to the book. According to Four Pillars, he may have to suffer from failure in his career at a later stage in life. But it is not necessary that he cannot enjoy a peaceful life thereafter. There is also no contradiction. As a matter of fact, the two systems together provide more guidance to a person how to live a worthy life.

My friend Danny Van den Berghe suggests that the accuracy of the readings to be tested using a scientific method. Judging from the nature of the reading, it is not possible as most of the time it presents a picture like

"Mandarin ducks snooze cozily together,
Amongst blossoms, it’s a beautiful picture.
At night time lots of other birds gather around.
Yet you are still afraid of the rain and wind."

How do you design a scientific test to verify the accuracy?

Life reading is an art. The value is in how it touches the hearts of people and how to benefit from the guidance given. In other words, how to add colours to the picture to make it more beautiful is the way to receive a life reading.



joey said...

It isnt possible, but then you have to ask yourself how the people who developed the method know it works, since you can make what you want out of those verses.
If thos verses have any meaning then whatever meanings it contains can be tested, or else the system is deliberately vague to con gullible people

Joseph Yu said...

Hi Paulo,

You must remember that the book was written a long long time ago in a distant land from you. Time and space have changed and a lot of things may not be true today.

For example, the picture refers to marriage:

"Mandarin ducks snooze cozily together,
Amongst blossoms, it’s a beautiful picture.
At night time lots of other birds gather around.
Yet you are still afraid of the rain and wind."

The picture shows that the couple spend time together in a beautiful environment. They also have a great time with a lot of friends. Yet, they were worried about the situation may be damaged although it does not specify where the unwelcomed factor comes from.

It is definitely not delivering a deliberately vague description. If a test involving something that cannot be measured with a standard is designed, it is not scientific. There is no standard about beauty, worry, and a lot...


joey said...
i just came across this on an Astrological site. It seems to fit current events

joey said...

I see what you mean

Päivi said...

Already in my university years when I was doing readings (various methods including Tarot and astrology), I realized that people did not hear what I was saying. They were only using my words as a sounding board for the divination they did for themselves. Often enough they thought that I had said the complete opposite of what I had actually said - and later came to tell me how very accurate I had been.

No need to say that early on I learned that the "accuracy" of the diviner or the method is often not what is called for. A successful diviner gives a good sounding board or a bright mirror for the client to see/understand what he already knows himself. In this respect a poetic image, like most Chinese divination texts are, can be most helpful and practical.


Mary Catherine Bax said...

Dear Joseph,

It’s been difficult for me to design a scientific test to verify how Feng Shui, Wen Wang Gua, Four Pillars of Destiny, Xuan Kong Da Gua and Qi Men Dun Jia have improved my life and that of my clients.

Unless I become a time traveler, there is no way for me to know what my present life would be like if I had not studied these subjects.

How can I know the good luck my clients experience result from a Feng Shui or a Four Pillar consultation and not just Heaven bringing them a change of luck?

I do know that when I came to study with you, life was difficult and there was much discord. Life is still a challenge, but I can laugh, have love in my heart and a sense of well-being that things are as they should be. Although my home could use some major repairs, the supported and protective energy that abides is a source of joy.

I’m looking forward to reading your book when I can find the time to delve into it. Congratulations to both you and Foon.


joey said...

first,you must have claims.
Then verify the claim with as much data as possible(meta analysis)
Since there is more than one claim about a certain combo,say 957, you better stick to one combo at a time for a period of time.

joey said...

yes there is a standard for beauty. All men would like to wed a 10 woman but soon most find out they have to settle for a 5 or 6.Same for women. They dont wed a 5 because they prefer them but because they have no choice. Same for everything.Ask people where they would spend new years eve if they could. Invariably it Sydney,but only a few actually go there.
This has been verified scientifically

joey said...

Most books indicate talking as water element in nature. However, going by their argument of "flowing" nature corroborates that talking is water in nature, what if someone's talk is not "flowing" in nature? Does the classification of water still holds? Also, volcano lava also flows - do you classify it as water or do you classify it as fire? The flowing nature is not sufficienit on its own to warrant a classification of water element.
any comment?