Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sample ebook

Responding to Danny's good suggestion, I made a sample ebook available for download before making a decision to buy or not to buy:

It consists of
(1) Table of Contents
(2) Preface
(3) Foreword by Liu Ji, the celebrated military expert who assisted the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty ending the Mongolian rule in China.
(4) Using Chapter to get Margaret Thatcher's chart.
(5) Numeral 17 interpreting Margaret Thatcher's chart.
(6) Links to buy the ebook.



joey said...

You could have made a short interpretation of Thatcher`s chart like you did with Elvis, otherwise people will scratch their heads at all that

my 2 cents

joey said...

This book was written a long time ago. I dont know the average lif span of people in those days, so I wondr what they mean by " beware of risks in late life" in my chart. For a Victorian coal miner that would be age 25, but for me I can only guess. For a Chinese living in Beijing it could be age 30 giving the pollution there. How do you define late life when casting a chart?

Incidentally Gordon Brown has chart 71. Didnt notice anything special but his Zi Wei has Lian Zhen at Ming and Tian Fu shining(finance minister) which is what he was good at. He is so unpopular,like Pince Charles, yet his travel/others palace has Qi Sha. A lonely warrior indeed but I wonder why so unpopular. I expected that from Wu Qu or Tian Liang more
20 feb 1951 dragon hour

Foon said...

Hi Paulo

If you take a look at the wiki entry for Margaret Thatcher, perhaps you would like to see if you can relate her life to the verses?

Best Regards,

joey said...

oh yes it fits her life. It`s the enigmatic sentences that nag me head. See this one:
When you offer incense to Buddha, you are a bit lazy about talking to Buddha, suggesting a lack of sincerity in worship.

And what about: " you want to conquer the two mountains". What could be the two mountains?

From the charts ive seen so far it seems directions can be taken literally in most cases. So I should seek frinds SW from my home, yet in my experience friends who lived SW from my home were no better than others. So Im still puzzled about this one.
In fact the only advice they give fo my chart, 74, is to look for a strong woman to avoid ill-omens and see friends in SW.

joey said...

Hi Joseph
In ancient China women had no rights and were supposed to be obedient and feminine and keep their mouth shut. How come then that chart 74 advises men to seek a strong hearty woman? That would be rather unusual in those days. Are you sure of this translatin?

A chinese man would probably have to travel West to the lost kingdom of the men-eater Amazons


joey said...

My chart starts with " you want to be skilfull but are unelegant".
I think this video says all

Päivi said...

Hi Paulo,

Do you really think that there has been ever a time or place where there weren't strong women,hearty women, lustful women, shy women, obedient women? Even many emperors got into trouble, because their women were not quiet and obedient but instead wanted to have their say on how things were done;-)


joey said...

yes but i doubt astrolgers wuld give such advise in those days

joey said...

whether in Feng Shui or astrology, some stars seem to have an undeserved bad rep.
Ex: the Wicked star (lian Zhen)is rather chamaeleonic and can be very nice or evil. But people tend to remember the evil above all, hence this star got a bad rep, and its good side seems to have been overlooked in Zi Wei studies, . Same could be said of Greedy Wolf