Monday, May 3, 2010

When I was young

I got the first copy of Master Ghost Valley's book when I was 30. A friend found it in a used book store and thought I would love to read it. Well, I read the introduction and thought to myself, "How good can it be just using the year and hour stems to read the life of a person? It divides people into just 100 types. It may be better than reading the animal zodiac but that's it."

One day, when I read about the life of Gui Gu Zi 鬼谷子 I remembered this book and took it out. First I had to shake off the dust on it before opening the book. I turned naturally to the page that should give myself a reading. Then I was shocked. Of course there are some details that do not match my life but it provides some information that I do not want to but have to admit it is true.

The book does not explain how the results are derived from the input. I tried and am still trying to crack the code and had just a little bit of luck and this remains an unfinished project. It is also one of the reasons for the production of this ebook hoping that someone will take up the job of relating the mere info of the birth year and hour stems to the valuable information about the life of a person.



joey said...

Well, I`m trying to find famous people with my chart for comparison. That would be helpful. So far nobody

joey said...

The only problem is that like so many other systems, it is not very specific about career talents.
I know I have a talent for drawing, but there are things about drawing that go against my nature, like sitting or staying put for too long. Otherwise I wouldnt even ask any astrologer what other talents maybe lurking

joey said...

One thing has been puzzling me for a while. why are there forward and backward luck cycles in Bazi/Zi wei?
What when you do charts for neutral things like countries, currencies etc? How do you define if they are male or female? Like the Zi Wei chart for Hong kong?
It looks a bit arbitrary

joey said...

I found one person with the same chart as mine, Ingrid Betancourt,who was kidnapped in South America. Very different, although I might agree with "beware of risky events in late life". But she was kidnapped in 2002, not exactly old age, she was 41. The rest doesnt seem to fit her biography. And the SW was certainly not too good for her. Anyway very little in common with mine