Monday, January 23, 2012

Metaphysical Prediction and Weather Forecast

Weather forecast is made based on studying the current factors affecting the future weather. Wind speed and direction carrying moisture, dry air, hot air, cold air. ... towards the place where the future weather is of interest are taken into consideration. Calculation is made towards forecasting as accurately as possible with the assumption that the conditions do not change dramatically. Even with the most advanced technology, weather forecasts are frequently laughed at as being inaccurate. This is because the world is changing every moment. The current conditions are changing continuously.

Metaphysics predictions are made based on theories that contain the human factor as metaphysics always talk about Heaven, Earth and Man. The last factor is the part that contributes most to the inaccuracy of metaphysical predictions.

As metaphysics deals with cycles, conditions according to metaphysical formulas may repeat when a cycle is complete. However, we are not dealing with one type of cycles. There are cycles superimposing on cycles making predictions different even when one type of cycle has come to the same point in history. Besides, the human factor is totally different. For example, the world political situation may be different. The world leaders have changed and they are the people making the final decision. For example, you do not expect George W. Bush to make the same kind of decision as Barack Obama.

When we read something like New Year Predition, do not read it with a one-track mind!


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jneurater said...

Dear Joseph

With regard to Man luck, one must bear in mind that simple actions can change our luck.
If I don`t go out one day because it is raining, I may miss an oportunity to meet an important person in my life,but I can also avoid an accident.

My two cents