Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feng Shui Research (1)

When I founded Feng Shui Research Center, I expected my students to join me researching the validity of Feng Shui theories in practice. Some people expect the research work to satisfy scientific requirements. We must understand and agree that Feng Shui is not a science. It is not a pseudo-science. It is a branch of studies in metaphysics - something that exists but not obeying the laws of physics. To help people understand a little of the Feng Shui theories we use analogies that most people are familiar with. For example, we start with qi but we do not attempt to define what it is. We use it as an undefined term but describe it as something that "rides the wind". This approach is like science. But you can see that this is just an analogy. "Wind" here includes any moving object, not necessarily air molecules from a physics standpoint. Then at some point, we use the word "star" to mean some kind of qi with "personality". At this point, we see there is a huge gap separating physics and metaphysics.

How can we expect that our research work has to meet with the criteria scientific research work has to undergo?

Some may say to prove that Feng Shui practice works we can design some simple experiments to test the effect of placing an aquarium in a house according to Feng Shui practitioner's recommendation with a control experiment without the aquarium and repeat the experiment for many other pairs of houses. By the effects we may mean "the amount of money made" by the people for the same time period.

Well, in the first place, activating the qi only helps people use the qi in doing their work. To make more money we still need other factors like the general economy and how it affects different kinds of business. It still depends on how the "star's" personality affects the people's work. It is not "water = more money" or "1 + 1 = 2".

To say that such experiments are irrelevant is not evasive of valid "tests" to prove or disprove that Feng Shui works.



Małgorzata Gałkowska-Błądek said...

Yes, it is absolutely true. There are many other factors - like destiny for example. Some people are destined to be rich, other might be not so lucky in that matter. So "activating" wealth star can bring completely different effects. One person will find good job and will earn thousands every month and meanwhile his/her neighbour will find 100 Dollars on the street and will be extremely happy.

Well, even local conditions, place where we live - has meaning. Imagine, in one minute many babies are born. One of them - fortunately - born in good conditions, can go to school and open business - for example Bill Gates. In the same minute in poor African country - his "twin" was born. And maybe he is the richest in his clan - has only cow in whole tribe :o)

See? Sometimes we are rich and we don't see it :o)

Third thing is our attitude. If one will "activate" wealth star and will only wait and do nothing - also nothing will happen. This is not magic.
We still must learn, work, seek better solutions, sometimes economize our spending.

Feng Shui can help us to live in the best way we can in our conditions, but it is our action and destiny what counts here.

Also - karma theory says - we sometimes must pay for things we have done earlier.

Conlusion is that it is impossible to compare effects, as the effects might be not repetitious. There are too many factors.

In science - you can project some experiment and you can predict effects more or less in majority of cases.

In feng shui - every case is different. You must use different solutions for two haouses in the same street, built in the same year and having the same arrangement. Even the same house with different people inside - will require different solutions sometimes.

Of course there are some rules which we use. But these are only rules. Application - this is the point.

We must take into consideration so many factors we only can. But we are not Gods and we don't now everything. Therefore we should be humble and take a bow to this beautiful, profound and unfathomable KNOWLEDGE.

Mary Catherine Bax said...

Dear Joseph and Margozata,

My best wishes to you and your family for the Water Dragon year.

And my sincere thanks for the 2012 preditions, Joseph. I always learn something new about 4 pillars in them.

I don't think we should totally abandon the idea of using science in our study of Feng Shui. Physics is about understanding the universe. I do see as qi as a key component. It may not fit into the paradigm of thought today of modern physics but I wonder if there is another Einstien out there today who might find a way to incorporate it :-) We have come to compartmentalize instead of including what is called spirit or qi in the whole picture in our study of both the tangible and intangible components of science. Physics continuies to evolve as man opens his mind to the universe.
Even though we are unable to do a true parallel test to prove the Feng Shui theories you have taught us, I seek qualitative results rather than quantitative. In economics they call it the discomfort index. It seems that the work we do as Feng Shui consultants helps lower this index also know as the misery index in an individual home or business.