Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feng Shui Research (2) - Logic and Common Sense

Even though Feng Shui is not science, the theory goes through the same steps as science theories are developed. It begins with undefined terms and principles. The theories are then developed logically.

Many years ago, a client asked me, "What is the most basic principle in Feng Shui?" 

I said, "Whatever beautiful is a source of Sheng Qi."

The client said, "Isn't it just common sense?"

"Exactly," I said, "If something goes against our common sense, it is nonsence and Feng Shui is not nonsense."

If a Feng Shui practitioner claims that he can make you a billionaire with Feng Shui, this is nonsense. Why? If he can make you a billionaire, why has he not made a billionaire himself? This is logical deduction. Making such claims is nonsense and by logical deduction we can say that he does not know Feng Shui.

However, using logic does not make Feng Shui a science. Whoever accuses me of contradicting myself makes a fundamental error in logic:

(1) Science uses logic.
(2) Feng Shui uses logic.
Therefore, Feng Shui is sicience.



Anon said...

I hope that you do not mind my comment. I would like to to clarify that the application of logic and proposition proposed are false.

(1) Science uses logic.
(2) Feng Shui uses logic.
Therefore, Feng Shui is science.

If A uses B
If C uses B
C is not necessarily A

e.g If Solomon uses wisdom
If Lao Zi uses wisdom
Solomon is not necessarily Lao Zi

Anon said...

Hi there, did you edit this post? It seems very different from what I read earlier. I want to know if my memory is really that bad haha.

Joseph Yu said...

Interesting! What was it like the first time you read it?

I can assure you that this is the original post.


jneurater said...

Looks like a troll to me Joseph