Monday, May 28, 2012

Divination with a mysterious look (5)

Divination about health is one important application. The diagram below shows how the twelve palaces are related to different body parts.



Jodi Brunner said...
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Jodi Brunner said...

Hi Joseph, looks very interesting. I did a short workshop last week on palmistry (Indian-Western style) with Master Khor from Singapore. I wonder if we can assess the various areas based on colour, lines, yin and yang appearance to see health of these organs...

Unknown said...

Dear Master Joseph

When I first looked at the diagram I wondered why some of the body parts appeared twice. Feet appearing twice makes sense since we have two feet. When I looked at it again I could see that the head was the highest part and the rest of the body comes down in order on the left and right side.

A couple of questions, if I may:

1) What about the hands?

2) When we look at the palm are we looking at the front of the body or the back of the body (which is left and which is right)?

Thanks for such an interesting post.

Joseph Yu said...

Dear Foon,

The details of the technique can be modified. For example, you can associate the body parts with the branches instead of the method described. Even using the method described, since the hand is below the shoulders and arms, you can associate this with the relevant palace. Usually we will consider that the person is facing the diviner.