Friday, June 29, 2012

Opening a big can of worms

About the Great Grandmaster Yang Yun Song, the official historical logbook 《南安府志》reads: “Yang Yun Song 楊筠松, citizen of Dou Zhou 竇州, was an officer during the reign of Xi Zhong 僖宗. He was in charge of Spiritual and Feng Shui Affairs. He reached the highest position of Golden Purple Light Prosperity Minister 金紫光祿大夫. When rebels headed by Huang Cao 黃巢 broke into the capital city, he cut short his hair and fled to Mount Kunlun 昆侖山."

If Feng Shui is as powerful as claimed, there is no way the rebels can take over the imperial city. It does not matter whether it is the Feng Shui of the imperial palace or the Feng Shui of the graves of the emperors, Yang Yun Song being in charge of this department should be responsible for the misfortune.

                                                          Yang Yun Song 楊筠松

Either Yang Yun Song's Feng Shui technique was no good, or the power of Feng Shui had been outrageously exaggerated. What do you think?



Monica said...

Well, anybody can have a bad day. ;-) Looks like we have to be careful about making promises.

Robert Schmitz said...

I actually came to the believe that Feng Shui is not that powerful. It can subtly enhance a given situation, but it cannot turn things around.

Remember Joseph's post from 2007/05/30 "Su Dong Po's misinterpreted saying". The five factors to life are

(1) Destiny
(2) Cycle
(3) Feng Shui
(4) Accumulation of hidden virtuous deeds
(5) Study books

Feng Shui contributes to about 20 - 25% of your life. The other factors together are definitely stronger.

Also, Feng Shui "cures" are a modern invention. And in my opinion, mostly useless. Choosing a good site and building a good house on it are reasonable tasks that will provide you with a good foundation for your path. Choosing the right colors for the third floor apartment in the town house will protect you from subtle influences that can deterioate your health. But the colors will never bring you money or new love.

99% of the clients in the West are unwilling or unable to change the location of their door. So they are stuck with the Feng Shui they already have. IF they are the rare kind that actually follow the advice, than the better colors and the use of the good mountain stars will help their health and well-being a little. But it is rarely worth the effort and the asked fee.

Rich people have good money feng shui built into their homes and offices without having ever heard of feng shui. Same for healthy people.
Poor people don't have the ressources to make the necessary changes.
Astrology can tell you if people have freedom and ressources. If they don't, there is usually nothing they can do. I stopped reading destinies because it is so frustrating.
I also stopped practicing Feng Shui because its use is too small.

:) said...

Well, every day I realise how important is the man performance (attitude and so on) .very powerfull- as well as what Heaven says. That's my modest opinion.

Joseph Yu said...

Dear Robert,

There is a Chinese saying: One may abandon eating because of a serious hiccup experience 因曀廢食.
This is not the positive attitude in life.

Destiny is something we cannot change but we definitely can improve within limits. Feng Shui is not as powerful as most practitioners claim but it is not as weak as you think. Finding the right location to make use of the appropriate qi can still help people to improve their lives.


Mary Catherine Bax said...

Dear Joseph, Robert and all,

What I've observed is the power of BAD Feng Shui and the hardships it puts on people.

There is a street that I drive down where deep digging was done by the city. Therefore everyone on this street had the earth disturbed in the southeast. This is serious in 2012. I would say many of the homes are Period 5.

Just yesterday I saw people gathered in front of one of the homes on this street, a woman in a hospital gown crying hysterically, nurses and others gathered... it was a heartbreaking scene.

Monica said...

Joseph, is it really possible to protect the palace from intruders with only feng shui? Even if the feng shui is perfect, the inhabitants are not. Rain falls on the just and the unjust...wouldn't it make sense that even perfect feng shui is not going to protect against everything all the time?

Joseph Yu said...


What people claim is that when the graves have good feng Shui, the descendants will be blessed and be prosperous. From history we know that the emperors of all dynasties in China got worse and worse without exception. This is ample proof that Yin Zhai Feng Shui is not what people claim it to be.

I will write more about this later.