Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Five Ghost Transporting Wealth 五鬼運財

There are many different versions of this Feng Shui technique to help people to get rich quickly. How do we know which ones are fake?

First of all, the technique comes from the great grand master Yang Yun Song 楊筠松, fondly known as Yang Jiu Pin 楊救貧. To save the poor from misery, he devised a method to help people to make money quickly. Let us examine the fundamentals in his teaching first.

From Qing Nang Xu 青囊序, written by his disciple Ceng Wen Chan 曾文辿:

“The honorable Yang, during his retirement, watched the female and male (to interact).


 When Yang Gong retired from practicing Feng Shui, he summed up his knowledge to teach his disciples. The first fundamental concept introduced was the intercourse of the living yin and yang qi 隂陽交媾. Yin qi comes quietly from the mountain dragon while yang qi is visibly moving with the water dragon. When the yin and yang qi meet to interact, sheng qi is born. It is the different types of yin qi and yang qi that generate different kinds of sheng qi or sha qi. To sum it up briefly we have 8 types of mountain dragon qi and 8 types of water dragon qi. They are named after the 7 stars of the Beidou together with the nearby twin star FuBi. The stars are generated from the eight trigrams changing the lines. Since there are 3 ways of changing 1 line, 3 ways of changing 2 lines, 1 way of changing no line and 1 way of changing all 3 lines, 8 different trigrams are generated from each trigram. Hence there are 8 types of mountain dragons and 8 types of water dragons from the mountain and water source. Lian Zhen 廉貞fire enhancing Ju Men 巨門 earth has the quickest and most abundant effect. This is the basis of the technique of Five Ghost Transporting Wealth.

If the method has nothing to do with this, it is obviously fake. The inventor cheaply employs Yang Gong’s name to make himself rich.


Simon said...

"Lian Zhen 廉貞 fire enhancing Ju Men 巨門 earth has the quickest and most abundant effect."

I suppose, Lian Zhen fire and Ju Men earth are from ZWDS, not from Flying Stars fengshui, because Lian Zhen would be earth type in the latter system. ZWDS is not a fengshui application, so this quote may refer not (directly) to water dragons and mountain dragons. How ZWDS and fengshui is connected? Does it mean that Five Ghost Transporting Wealth technique works only in specific times (i.e. when Lian Zhen meets Ju Men in a ZWDS chart)?

Joseph Yu said...

During Yang Gong's time, neither Zi Wei Dou Shu nor Fei Xing were in existence. Both were invented during the Song Dynasty. It is not to be too rigid when we study Feng Shui. The same term used in different context will have a different focus. For example, what do you think a Lian Zhen mountain is like? Remember that Yang Yun Song is the founder of the Xing Shi Pai.

FabianEng said...

Have you seen the negative aspects of this technique yourself? Never learned this in school before but read from the web. After being confused out from various sources, I realized this is Fei Xing, Da Gua and Shui Fa combined together. Due to difficulties in implementing them in many places as Long Qi is not available to most people, some practitioners used substitution techniques to emulate it for Ping Yang scenario which essentially turns it into at least one bad Qi Ko or even two Qi Ko. My understanding is this may result in health problems for the dwellers since it is no longer as "automatic" as the original design. Mind sharing your viewpoints about it. Thanks.

Joseph Yu said...

I am not keen at creating wealth using Feng Shui. I also believe that using Feng Shui to get rich may have negative side effects if the person is not born to enjoy the amount of wealth created. The idea of using Feng Shui is just to help people enjoy what Nature can bestow on them. Life can be enjoyable without getting rich.


FabianEng said...

Master Joseph Yu, thank you for your perspective about it. It is certainly hard to decode whose technique is the true Five Ghost Transporting Wealth but the logic behind every true or fake technique (believe some just used the name to get the business) is certainly worth exploring as it really gets one to think deeply about them and deepen one's understanding of Feng Shui.