Monday, September 24, 2012

Shuo Gua Zhuan 說卦傳 (6)

說卦傳   第六章

  神也者,妙萬物而為言者也。動萬物者,莫疾乎雷﹔橈萬物者,莫疾乎風﹔燥萬物者,莫熯乎火﹔ 說萬物者,莫說乎澤﹔潤萬物者,莫潤乎水﹔終萬物始萬物者,莫盛乎艮。故水火相逮,雷風不相悖,山澤通氣,然后能變化,既成萬物也。

Shuo Gua Zhuan Chapter 6

When we mention spirit, we are referring to what makes everything wonderful. Among all that can set things in motion none is as fast as Thunder. What can spread all things is not as effective as Wind. What can dry all things is not as parching as Fire. What can please all things is not as enjoyable as Marsh. What can moisten all things is not as enriching as Water. What can bring all things to a stop which is another beginning is not as powerful as Mountain (Gen). This is the reason why water and fire complement each other. Thunder and Wind do not bring confrontation. Mountain and Marsh share the same flow of qi. In this way, transformation is ongoing and successfully forming all things.

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