Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Looking out from my door

It is really nice to watch the ducks swimming right outside my house.


Jeannie said...

Dear Master Yu,

I admire your sense of detachment... that you take time to appreciate the beautiful things in life even during your busy and tiresome seminar week. This prompts me to look at my beautiful lotuses in my backyard pond between pauses while revising and re-listening to my April 4P seminar.

Is this water in the SW of your house? What a beautiful and peaceful sight!

Best wishes,

Joseph Yu said...

Dear Jeannie

The water is to the south but it stretches to the southwest. In winter it becomes a skating pond.


TYTan said...

That's really beautiful water.

What WS is swimming with the ducks?

Joseph Yu said...

Mainly it is 8 in the south with 6 in the southwest.


TYTan said...

Dear Master Yu,

Since you have a frozen pond in winter, do you experience any difference when WS8 and the Ling Shen (SW) has become ice instead of Water?

If not how do you overcome this situation?

TY Tan

Joseph said...

Dear TY

Nothing unusual was experienced last winter. When the ducks and geese are all gone, it is a bit lonely. However, there is more sunshine from the south that reaches even the back part of the house. We have to take the whole picture into consideration and not just water, water and water.


Mary Catherine Bax said...

Dear Joseph,

Will you consider a skating party for the Chinese New year? If so, can I come? It would be a good omen for me to start a year skating by moonlight bringing the 8 and 6 to my Shifu's house.