Thursday, August 23, 2007

More on Advertisement

I saw a very interesting commercial. One little boy went to a machine selling soft drinks. He was too short to reach a certain brand because the button was located at a higher level. So he inserted a coin and pushed the button of a more popular brand that he could reach. One can came out. He did the same to get another can. Then he put the two cans together and step on them to reach button of the less popular brand. After the can he wanted came out, he took it and went away enjoying his drink.

I think the person who designed this commercial should be fired. He was giving more exposure to the competitor. There is also a message sent out: the competitor sells two while you can sell only one.

I have seen worse advertisememts and I thank the advertisers who want to reach high by stepping on me.



Mary Catherine Bax said...

Dear Joseph,

Those are harsh words about firing the man who wrote the commercial. Wouldn't you prefer to move him away from the mountain star that causes him to use his creative talents against himself and his employer?


Joseph said...

Dear Mary

One should be "morally talented".


Mary Catherine Bax said...

Dear Joseph,

Indeed. Feng Shui is no replacement, no quick fix for the soul work a person must do to become an honorable. I am beginning to think the stars we observe in Feng Shui may only be a reflection of the spirit of a person, either their spirit guides or the demons they battle.

It all begins and ends with man luck, the choices that are made in the development of one’s soul.


Carl Grover said...

Hi Joseph,

I always enjoy reading your blog and thought I would respond to this one since my reaction to the commercial was different than yours. I also thought it was interesting that you reacted so strongly to it. I found the video on Youtube easily enough.

Even though the boy bought two cans of the other brand, he used them for something other than to drink. They imply that the popular brand isn’t worth drinking. The message is very strong: “See how much trouble, effort, and expense this fellow went through to get to our brand?” “It is much better than the popular brand that he bought but walked away from”. Yes, they gave exposure to the other brand but in a very bad way. Similar to “mudslinging” in politics (which I despise).

Good marketing? Sure. Make our product look good while the competition’s product looks that much worse. Ethical? Nope.

All is well,

Carl Grover

Joseph Yu said...

Dear Carl

I will simply summarize my comment on the commercial in two words: bad taste.

I like the commercial with a group of people singing, "I like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony, ..."

Whenver I hear good music like this I have the urge to open a can of the drink.